Early Years

08:00 am - 2:00 pm

About us

Early years at Greenpath Preparatory school is a mind sharpening and enlarging centre. Curiosity, exploration, stimulation, free expression, guided learning, independent discovery, safeguarding and care, lie at the core of our practice. Our learning centres have a wide, broad and rich array of learning resources.

We know the choice of a great nursery is crucial in this highly formative stage of your child’s/children’s life/lives; rest assured, your child is in best hands with us.

Excellent socialization, great learning milestones, beautiful and stimulating outdoor and indoor learning environment, modern learning centres, resources and facilities, prompt reporting, safeguarding, monitoring, qualified passionate and dedicated early years practitioners are what make us an outstanding early years centre. We are passionate about early years—the foundation.

Our learning environment is stimulating and eco-friendly. Learning resources and centres support remarkable and impressive developmental milestones. Our pupils love school and they are always eager to take on new challenges.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum for early years is the British Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) infused with the Montessori curriculum. Our pedagogical approach is socioconstructivism.


Developmental milestones are more deliberately stimulated with structured result-oriented activities. Learning journeys are journaled and cognitive activities are expanded. The voice of the child, the uniqueness of each child and activities are tailored to meet specific needs of each child through differentiation. We have tailored a rich, broad flexible adaptable curriculum that introduces them to phonics, communication, language and literacy, numeracy, fine motor skills, mark making, crafts, music, understanding the world, physical development, personal, social and emotional development at the appropriate point for each child.


This is the core of early years; reading and writing are established here. EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) themes are deployed in this class. Numeracy, understanding the world, phonics, communication, language and literacy, physical development, reading, role-play, personal, social and emotional development are learning areas fully experienced in the Nursery Class. Learning is fun and exciting. Engagement and stimulation are high and impressive.


4-year-olds: This class is regarded as the preparatory class for Primary years. PrePrimary skills of number sense, reading and comprehension, good handwriting, creative writing, independence, and graded work in all early years learning areas are reinforced here. A graduation ceremony holds in this class. Photo frames, yearbook, robes are paid for by parents as they round up early years. The ocarina is the primary musical instrument played here. Others are offered as clubs. Puppet shows, color days, sports, messy play days are fun activities in early years.