Admission Process

Admission Documents Required

  • Past school reports
  • Health records
  • Transfer certificate
  • Certificate of birth
  • Passport photograph of child & parents/guardian
  • Vaccination Record
  • Registration form duly completed

Admission Process

Our admission process is pretty simple. Enquiries are made, a tour of the school booked, assessments are conducted in the school premises, interview scheduled after a successful assessment, letter of admission sent, forms filled with required documents and returned, all payments made, orientation meeting, then resumption.

Early years assessments are largely 30 minute observations in different settings and engagements. For Creche and PreNursery, we assess developmental milestones and skills. Nursery and Reception assessments include observation and performing hands on and written tasks in numeracy and literacy with questions around knowledge of the world.

Primary assessments are in Maths and Literacy. 45 minute timed assessment papers are deployed. Results are sent in 48hours.