About Us

About Us

Greenpath Preparatory School is an accredited Cambridge Certified British Council Partner School. It is an academically vibrant, inspirational and supportive school. It is regarded as one of the top five international schools in Abuja. We are learner centred, forward thinking, dynamic and constantly evolving to suit the demands of our everchanging world while staying true to our ethos. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence, discovery and growth academically, physically, socially, culturally, emotionally and in character development. We place equal emphasis on Sciences, Arts, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Social sciences as opportunities are created for every child to find expression and excel in any of these fields. Great track record of academic excellence, safeguarding, outstanding pastoral care, coaching and counselling services, a well structured, globally competitive yet personalized curriculum delivered by qualified dedicated passionate teachers, a wide array of teaching resources and a wide range of cocurricular activities in a serene, safe, positive, eco-friendly, stimulating environment are what make us an outstanding school. We are a listening school, the voice of the child is recognised.

We recognize the extraordinary responsibility and privilege it is to educate our students. We believe in the unique child and that every child deserves to be happy, safe and well catered for to thrive and achieve their highest potential in every way. At Greenpath, we consistently design and deliver an innovative and inclusive curriculum that supports the needs, abilities and strengths of each child. We have a team of experienced and innovative teachers and support staff that work to ensure that students are engaged and challenged, and achieve their best in all areas. We have created a welcoming atmosphere and actively seek to involve families in school activities. The Greenpath preparatory school community works together as a team to ensure parents’ concerns and pupils’ needs are met through effective communication.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading provider of holistic world class education, nurturing from infancy to adolescence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is equipping every child with knowledge, skills and practical wisdom relevant to our changing world while supporting the discovery of potentials and building character in a highly conducive, stimulating learning environment.

Our Core Values

- Commitment - Excellence - Integrity - Teamwork - Care

Our Community Watch-words

- Acceptance - Belonging - Inclusion - Diversity - Equity - Empathy - Compassion

Our Pupils:

- Brilliant - Confident - Resilient - Responsible - Goal Oriented - Result Driven

Our Parents/Guardians:

- Supportive - Involved - Committed

Our Teachers:

* Committed * Certified * Passionate * Dynamic * Experienced

Our Management Team:

* Committed * Certified * Experienced * Trained * Competent * Skilled


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